Chris' Story: Doing things the right way

Thank you for visiting my website! I've always had a passion for Real Estate Finance. I remember getting very interested in it when we bought our very first home in May 2000. My personal experience throughout the entire process made me so curious on how things were done behind the scenes. I didn't like the feeling of "not knowing" because there was so much to be explained and understood. At that time, I said to myself, I would like to be that mortgage guy that will have the patience and knowledge to guide every borrower from start to finish!

I love being able to share valuable information and being trusted to give confidence to people in what they're trying to do. I enjoy every moment when I have to call and say:

Congratulations! You are clear to close!!!

Folks, let me tell you something: you won't find anyone with more passion and pride in doing things the right way in this business than me! My philosophy has always been to provide an unmatched service with the most accurate information to help every borrower and homeowner in our beloved country. There is no easier way to do mortgages than being transparent and up-front with every single mortgage applicant.

I guess you can say: I have never been afraid to tell the truth and nothing yes I am guilty of always being straight-forward and honest when it comes down to doing the most important financial decision of your life, getting a mortgage!

I am determined and driven to exceed every client's expectations. Integrity is what separates me from my competition. My competitive nature always benefit every mortgage borrower that I do business with. I love what I do and enjoy seeing people achieve the goal we set when we first connect or met.

I am Christopher Zabat, a father, a husband, a son and a brother. I love doing mortgages like I love watching the Chicago Bears!

Experience and live it.

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